Friday, January 18th, 2008

LBTV :: The SoleSides Story

Your Machoness thought he broke his foot this past week. In fact, it was just a sprain. So while he recoverates by elevating his foot and taking his anti-inflammatorianizors, here’s some throwback stuff to keep you happy because you love to hear the story again and again. Yes, The SoleSides Story, as told by Your Stubborn Assedness.

BTW keep an eye out for LB’s new album this spring. It’s frickin’ amazing.

Enjoy…and if you live in Nevada, go caucus tomorrow!

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One Response to “LBTV :: The SoleSides Story”

  1. Soccer Dad says:

    If it’s an ankle, holla. I’ve got mad insight after cracking mine in 2006.

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