Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

LBTV :: More Blatherings On Hip-Hop

I’m in the ether right now getting ready for the Born In The Bronx conference at Cornell–stay tuned for pics and highlights sometime next week after the elections.

In the meantime, here’s another vid. Of course, I can’t promise any more coherence in this one than the Bloggingheads one below. But you knew that already…

Thanks to Justin!

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  1. dlipkin says:

    I think one of the most eye-opening hip-hop moments I had experienced, though very subtly at first, was when I was in a little village called Luang Prabang, along the Mekong River in Laos.

    Down by the river, along the string of guesthouses and restaurants, I spotted graffiti on the wall. It wasn’t Dondi or anything close, but it was by the hand of a young person, who grabbed a night black paint can and sprayed “Hip Hop” right onto the wall.

    At first, I really thought it was a novelty to see something like that. I even stood by it and had my picture taken, with me doing a corny pose. But as I thought about it later, I realized that, for someone to have taken up a can and spray that in rural Laos was really significant.

    I couldn’t tell you what kind of hip-hop this person listened to or what art s/he really enjoyed creating, or if that one tag was just the work of a youth bored out of his or her dome and looking to start shit.

    But I knew it meant hip-hop had touched this small corner of the world in some way. And that moment let me know that hip-hop is really everywhere. Not dead. Much the opposite. It had to be spreading.

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