Friday, October 6th, 2006

Kings Back!

Number one on the list while you clowns are climbing
Wishing to be in positions that you found that I’m in

ESPN mfs are all at home early tonight studying names they shoulda been known.

5 of 19. Only A-Fraud’s numbers are worse.

Could be the Tigers! It is the Tigers! Thank you to the great city of New York. You deserve a team with more heart…luckily you can find them in Queens.

All of you are welcome on the Underdog Love bandwagon. We don’t discriminate.

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3 Responses to “Kings Back!”

  1. Blackmail says:

    I think Jarrett Wright’s gonna have a bad night…

    Two teams ESPN really didn’t believe could win! Pretty sweet! The Tigers have had a chip on their shoulder ever since the ended up in the Wild Card slot. Everyone wrote them off against the mighty Yankees, and the Yankees get every chance!

    [How about that fair ball down the left field line last night getting called foul? Even at 6-0 I was biting my nails.]

  2. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHA You tool.

    Why don’t you go check out how many trophies the Yankees have. Your As get out of the first round and now you’re all uppity.

    Nice to see the Tigers also spankin’ the shit outta the As. Classic case of a team getting hot at the right time (like the champions of the past 6 years).

    And by the way, are you going to buy Zito’s Yankee jersey next season?

    Nobody in NY hates on the As because you guys are like our triple A team, groom them prospects then let us sign them.

  3. Jeff says:

    you have a $200m budget, and you can’t make it past the first round? psssh.

    hard truth: you will never win the big one again while steinbrenner is running the show.

    i mean, take your $250m a-fraud. (please.) the most expensive role player in the history of sports.

    good purchase, anonymous homie.

    that’s like buying chewing gum for $7000 and then saying it gives you superpowers. if i were a hankee fan, i’d be pissed too–for believing it all these years.

    look. if the hankees organization knew anything but how to write a check, you might have the right to come and talk to me right now.

    hard truth!

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