Monday, September 17th, 2007

Kanye With The Lead

Who’s surprised? MTV News’ Shaheem Reid reports that Ye had done almost 800K by Friday, almost a quarter more than 50’s 600K. Reports from the UK have Ye over 50.

In the meantime, 50 seems to be rehearsing his reaction to the final sales tallies here, due Wednesday. He cancelled his European shows, is complaining that Jay-Z’s appearance with Ye on 106+Park upstaged him, and is claiming Def Jam rigged sales. (The back story by LAT’s Chris Lee is here.)

This could be a fun week.

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2 Responses to “Kanye With The Lead”

  1. Sugarbread says:

    I really hate his single “Stronger” but I’m still rootin’ for Kanye, because 50 represents everything that’s been wrong with hip-hop. But maybe not anymore. Maybe the landscape has changed while my back was turned. Holla!

  2. Eat My Shorts says:

    50 is nowhere near as bad as u make out sugarbread. He came at a time when people wanted that gangsta shit. anyway, i see him winking in a lot of his street talk and outrageous pronouncments, he is a genius at playing the media game, and nearly 700,000 in the US, a couple of no. 1’s overseas, I dont think he lost, they both won in truth. I know we all get mad that Doug Morriss and Jimmy Iovine gain the most and it irks me but on just the artists level its a good look.

    Look for that Mariah and Mary J battle in November.

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