Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Just Shoot Me

Note to self: next time hit the Quayle!

Lots of hilarity last night.

Plus, here’s Molly Ivins on Cheney and that good old family value: “Responsibility”.

Johnny Cash-“Folsom Prison Blues”
Cypress Hill-“A To The K”

Meanwhile, in the real world:

+ The U.S. is about to give oil companies $7 billion. You read that correctly. We’re saying, here, take $7 billion of our money, you don’t make enough as it is.

+ Oh, and all of you Katrina evacuees? Get back on the street.

I’m sure that bill is much less than $7 billion.

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One Response to “Just Shoot Me”

  1. EAT MY SHORTS says:

    More Katrine BS. Never surprised at anything this government does, and all the right wingers get mad when they get called out at Correta Scott Kings funeral.

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