Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

Journalism, Like Hyphy and Hip-Hop :: Not Dead

From last week’s Chronicle book review, a great piece about the future of media by Todd Oppenheimer. And not incidentally, both a fine argument for the continuation of book review sections (if you miss my meaning, check this) and a nice counterpoint to my last screaming post on the topic. Long but worth the read:

Even if all these moral issues were resolved, we still would be left with a gaping practical question: How will news producers make money tomorrow, as they increasingly move online? The question leads to another, at the heart of the media’s chicken-and-egg dilemma: Is the gradual decline in newspaper readership and network TV viewership forcing big media to make the cruel financial decisions we all read about — such as laying off reporters and editors, rolling over for advertisers, cutting back on investigative work and other valuable but expensive “products”? Or is big media losing its audience precisely because it’s making such choices, which it does to maintain the 25 percent profit margins that were viable only in the pre-digital age? Unfortunately, both scenarios are true. And fortunately, both also miss the real story in new media, which is that morality and money can walk hand in hand.

In a scattering of metropolitan areas, including some of our smallest ones, a few smart newspaper publishers and TV news producers are stepping quite profitably into the digital future. And they’re doing so while maintaining, even reviving, traditional journalistic values…

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2 Responses to “Journalism, Like Hyphy and Hip-Hop :: Not Dead”

  1. Zentronix says:

    thank you sir, i missed this. more stuff to be mad about…

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