Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

Jim Farber on The Source

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From today’s New York Daily News:

Observers feel the magazine’s spiraling problems mirror a central struggle within hip hop itself. “The roots of the music are very ‘street’,” says Minya Oh, alias Miss Info, Hot 97’s hip-hop gossip. “But that has to get along with its newer role, which is very big business.”

Many industry insiders feel the biggest blow to the magazine’s credibility stems from its two-year war against Eminem, whom the magazine has cast as a racist, out to whitewash an African-American art form. (The Source’s own founder, David Mays, is white.)

“By battling Eminem, they end up battling the whole family he’s down with – 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Lloyd Banks – the biggest people in the game,” explains Nelson George, a long-time observer of popular music and the author of “Hip-Hop America.” “How can you sustain and not cover those guys?”

“Regular readers really don’t care about the whole back story of the magazine’s problems,” says Oh. “But they do want to know what Eminem is doing on his vacation or what 50 Cent has to say about Vivica Fox.”

To get that information, readers are increasingly flipping over to The Source’s rival, XXL. That upstart mag began eight years ago (The Source kicked off back in 1988). In 2003, the younger mag’s circulation was little more than half that of its role model. Since then, its circulation has increased by more than 10% to an audited figure of 273,257, the overwhelming majority of them moving on newsstands.

“XXL is now the biggest to us,” says a source at Def Jam Records.

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3 Responses to “Jim Farber on The Source”

  1. EAT MY SHORTS says:

    Oh well, lets hate on The Source for exposing Eminem as a racist. Did you all read Saigon and Ced Muhaamed interview? Real Shit. When Lauryn Hill supposedly said White people shouldnt buy her records, tha shit blew the fuck up, was on Howard Stern and shit, now, there are tapes where Eminem is saying all types of shit, dropping the n bomb, calling black people crickets and saying he hates black women, but that shit is swept under the carpet. Hmm, I wonder if Jimmy Iovine has masterminded a cover up. Source aint perfect, but they were right about Eminem.

  2. Anonymous says:

    whether or not the Source was right about Eminem, they have zero credibility, so it doesn’t matter what they say. Put a fork in the Source. It’s been done.

    Who works over there now, anyway?

    Who will write for them?


  3. Brother OMi says:

    the Source is still an issue? dag.. they fell off about 10 years ago. their writing has been sub par ever since..

    but as a freelance writer (pretty much a writing whore) i would write for them

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