Monday, May 9th, 2005

Jay Smooth Talks To Kim Osorio

Mad late to the game on this, but some of you may not have yet peeped this. Once again, Jay Smooth is on the story.

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6 Responses to “Jay Smooth Talks To Kim Osorio”

  1. MJ says:

    Jeff (and friends), there’s an extensive, 4-part audio interview with Kim O. on HERE

  2. EAT MY SHORTS says:

    jay smooth finna wanna hit that

  3. Jeff says:

    LOL. god bless internet thugs who need slang teachers.

  4. EAT MY SHORTS says:

    holla at yo boy jeff, congrats on your book, its great. previous post was a joke by the way, chill out.

  5. Jeff says:

    LOL again. thanks for the props and morning amusement. and for everyone still scratching their heads…

    finna-(fin-nuh) ebonics, southern and western North American variants. derived from “fixing to”. connotes decisive, immediate action. one would never be “finna wanna”, one would simply be “finna”. proper usage: “jay smooth finna hit that.”

    this one was comped. but i’ll probably need to charge for more…

    your out-of-work hip-hop writer

  6. ronnie brown says:


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