Friday, June 29th, 2007

Integration’s Twilight and Brown V. Board’s End

Yesterday was a huge news day, with the third Democratic debate focusing on race issues, the fallout from the end of the immigration bill, the US Social Forum, not to mention the Warriors trading J-Rich (who will always be remembered as one of the greatest Warriors ever). But it will be written in history for the de facto end of Brown v. Board. Yes, while everyone worried about Roe V. Wade, we (literally) lost the race.

Lots of reading here (more to be posted as it comes in):

RaceWire says the real issue is that schools are more segregated than ever

Junichi loses his mind

Adam B. in the Kos, including discussion of Clarence Thomas’s crucial role and Breyer’s fears

Is Juan Williams on crack or truth serum?

The whole enchilada (PDF)

Harvard Civil Rights Project, center of ongoing research on education and segregation. Their studies show, for instance, that white students make up 58% of the nations’s public school enrollments, but the average white student attends a school that is 80% white.

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One Response to “Integration’s Twilight and Brown V. Board’s End”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Juan Williams–on crack. He writes, “And today the argument that school reform should provide equal opportunity for children, or prepare them to live in a pluralistic society, is spent. The winning argument is that better schools are needed for all children — black, white, brown and every other hue — in order to foster a competitive workforce in a global economy.”

    Seems like he’s getting very close to saying that racism is over.

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