Friday, October 8th, 2004

Inconvient Evidence

While we’re on the topic of Bush’s image-management deterioration…

This from Brian Wallis’ introduction to the Inconvient Evidence exhibition of the Abu Ghraib photos at the International Center on Photography:

“Aside from the atrocities they depict, as photographs, the images from Abu Ghraib contradict the studied heroics of twentieth-century war photography that have been updated to the current conflict. Away from the photojournalistic fluorishes designed to make war palatable–the heroic flag-raisings, the dogged foot soldiers close to the action, the sense of shared humanity among combatants, and the search for visual evidence that war is universal and inevitable–the often-banal JPEGs from Iraq proffer a very different picture: war is systematic cruelty enforced at the level of everyday torture.”

Check excerpts from Seymour Hersh’s new book here. (The Department of Defense statement of defense is here. The famous New Yorker articles are archived here and here.

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