Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

I’m Teaching A Writers Workshop

Hey CSWS/TC fam, I just wanted to call your attention to the fact that I’m part of this amazing 5th Annual Intergenerational Writers Lab being offered by Intersection For The Arts and the Kearny Street Workshop in San Francisco. I’ll be teaching a couple/few weekends in May.

It’s 3 months of intensive Saturday literarianizing with a team of kick-ass literarianizers: playwright Ricardo Bracho, poet Truong Tran, SF poet laureate devorah major, journalist/author Annalee Newitz and essayist/poet Bushra Rehman. There are readings and much fun. Program begins in March and ends in May.

If you want to get down, your application needs to be in by February 1st. I’m told that the demand for the 12 slots has gotten nuts in recent years, so come correct or don’t come at all! The info and app is here, and we’ll announce the public reading series soon. Hope to see you in May…

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One Response to “I’m Teaching A Writers Workshop”

  1. Sugarbread says:

    That sounds rad! I want to apply!

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