Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

I’m Sick!

Hey fam, I’m sick. No metaphor there. I’m just sick. After a great weekend in Ithaca–thank you ECAASU, Thu, Blue Scholars and Brian, D-Lo, NAASCONers, my family–the Lins–out there, and everyone for the warm hospitality in the cold cold weather–I’m flat on my back fighting off the flu bug I’d managed to buck the whole winter.

So while I have mad stuff I want to say regarding Plagiarism-gate, McCain, Michelle, the seemingly inexorable shift of Latinos to Obama, whether Obama has an Asian problem (answer: nope), my homestate of Hawai’i going 3-1 for Obama–uh, who was saying that Latinos and Asian Americans won’t vote for an African American?–and a whole bunch of other stuff, I’ma catch some sleep and get back into fighting condition first.

In the meantime, go Ramielle!

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