Saturday, December 10th, 2005

I’m Like A Shot Of B-12

Get me out of here!

The work continues, so the linkage continues… this will be an ongoing thread.

+ Miggy for Manny? I might have to start cheering for the Bosux.

+ Hip-hop journalist-turned-sports analyst Scoop Jackson waxes wise on R. Kelly’s steppifyin’ national anthem.

+ My man Paul called me about this story early this week. The surfing world has been rocked by the closure of Clark Foam, the biggest manufacturer of the blanks that are used to make surfboards. There’s a huge run on boards developing, just at the moment big-surf season is starting. Owner Gordon Clark, who invented the polyurethane blank in the 1950s with Hobie Alter and transformed the sport, claims environmental regulations and workers’ comp issues drove him out of business. Puzzled EPA officials say he’s had a clean bill for over a year. Sounds like the O.C. cavemen right-wingers got to him.

UPDATE: OK. Sometimes complexity escapes me. So please read Ben Marcus of the LA Weekly on Grubby Clark’s 7-page faxifesto and the environmental issues.

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