Saturday, January 15th, 2005

If You Don’t Like The Effects, Don’t Produce The Cause

Nothing in this more stuff and things post relates to the title, I’m just on a Funkadelic kick.

The mixtape is done! It’ll be available free with a purchase of the book at all the events so fall through and bring a Jackson and some change. If you’ve already purchased the book, just bring it through to get it signed and you’ll get a copy of the CD. And if you can’t make it to any of the appearances, come back here to the website in the coming weeks to find out more about how you can cop it.

Here’s a preview of the tracklisting:

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

The Next Lesson

A Zentronix Production starring:

DJ D-Sharp

DJ Icewater


Chief Xcel

Gift of Gab


Lateef the Truth Speaker

Lyrics Born

And Hip-Hop’s Pioneers


D-Sharp Just Can’t Stop

Sipple Out Deh

Kingston ‘73—Lyrics Born

Zen’s In This Time Mix

Blood and Fire, With More Music

Bronx ‘68—Lateef the Truth Speaker

War and Peace—The Gangs of the Bronx

Ghetto Brother Power!—Ghetto Brothers

DJ Kool Herc Makes A Name

A Creation Myth—Joyo

D-Sharp’s Back To Sedgwick Mix

Soul Salvation

Bam Power!—Pow Wow & Jazzy Jay

Bambaataa’s Theme—Afrika Bambaataa

Bam’s Faith—Afrika Bambaataa & Jazzy Jay

Live At Bronx River—Lisa Lee

Furious Styles

The Summer of ‘79 at the T-Connection—Grandmaster Melle Mel

Three Anonymous Rappers—Lyrics Born

Good Timing—DJ Icewater

Hip-Hop On A Record?!?!!—Chuck D

D-Sharp’s Hip-Hop On Wax Supreme B-Boy Mix

1982 Eternal

Worldwide Understanding—Crazy Legs

D-Sharp’s At The Roxy Mix

Things Fall Apart

The Other Planet Rock—Chief Xcel

Track TBA Quannum Exclusive!

Cokane In My Brain—Dillinger

Rick’s Ready Rock—Chief Xcel

The Batteram (commercial version)—Toddy Tee

What We Got To Say

The Ultimate Black Melting Pot—Chuck D

D-Sharp’s Whylin’ On The Island Mix

The Culture Assassins

West Coast Poplock—Ronnie Hudson

Uncle Jam’s Army—Gift of Gab

Things Done Changed—Gift of Gab

The New Blues—Gift of Gab

D-Sharp’s All About Reality Mix

Gonna Work It Out

Risking It All—Joyo Velarde

A Vision of Peace—Daude Sherrills

Peace Treaty (white label mix)—Kam

New World Order

The First Coast—DJ Kool Herc

Revelation Time—Lateef The Truth Speaker

A New Generation—Lateef The Truth Speaker

Icewater’s Better World Mix


-Title TBA Quannum Exclusive!

-Title TBA Quannum Exclusive!

Plus this:

+ Christopher Porter with more Konono No. 1! Thank you thank you thank you. And for the two or three billion of you who still don’t know, this was the album of 2004.

+ Ouch! Serg goes after scionism. I actually don’t know if, by his definition, I’m a ex-scionist. But these days, I drive a Sienna, and I got people that call me daddy.

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2 Responses to “If You Don’t Like The Effects, Don’t Produce The Cause”

  1. Liz says:

    i heard about your book and signing at MACLA from my schools spoken word club advisor… im looking forward to it, and so is the rest of the club.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Jeff – I’m in the Chi. I already bought yr book from the fab Seminary Coop at the U of C. Can I still cop a mixtape?? Thanks.

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