Friday, April 29th, 2005

I Predict A RIOT

Shit’s building…things are no longer very sensible.

In the meantime, here are some great pieces of context:

+ The homie Jay Smooth interviews Kim Osorio and Michelle Joyce’s lawyer, Kenneth Thompson, here. He defended Abner Louima. Here he is:

It’s important to understand that the public has only heard about Kim and Michelle, but there are many others. I’ve been contacted by a bunch of others who want to come forward and join this suit. I have women calling me late at night leaving messages, telling me they want to talk to me and share their story. Many of them have never even met each other, but their accounts are all pretty consistent, the same people and the same acts. I’ll give you one example, a boss cannot tell his subordinate to come with him to a hotel. You cannot put pressure on anyone to do something like that.

+ Another homie Dan Charnas has been unloading a lot of crucial context on the rise of urban radio at his blog. He is particularly well-suited to talk about this stuff. He spent much of the 90s working at Rick Rubin’s side. Check his entries: Part 1 and Part 2.

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One Response to “I Predict A RIOT”

  1. EAT MY SHORTS says:

    A lot of these women are ungrateful. Would any one know Osorio if not for Mayz and Zino? No. She’s just mad cause she aint cut it at the source. if you cant do your job well, then you need expertis in another “area”. She should have masterd one of them.

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