Monday, February 7th, 2005

How To Cop The Quannum/CSWS Mixtape

Alright funk fans, you’ve been hearing about it for weeks. Some of yall have heard it on Bay Area hip-hop radio and been bugging out. Some of yall have even been sprung on the Realplayer snippets.

You’ve been patient. The wait is finally over.

Tomorrow when the Can’t Stop For Nothing Tour begins, you can finally cop your very own Quannum/Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Mixtape. It’s called Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: The Next Lesson and it’s produced by me, mixed by DJ D-Sharp and DJ Icewater, features the voices of the pioneers, readings by the Quannum fam, rare records (Ghetto Brothers, nuff said), and some previews.

You’ve never heard a mixtape like this. Here’s how you can get it.

1) Holla: Come on out to a Can’t Stop For Nothing Tour date and either purchase or bring your purchased copy to your boy. I’ll personally break you off with a smile.

If you’re not able to make those dates, here are two other ways:

2) Keep your ear to the ground: Wait for word from or on how you might be able to score a copy.

3) Support the indies: Our good friends at The Giant Peach and Turntable Lab are offering special packages of the book or even the book and a (hush, cause we’re not even ready to blow this up yet) limited 0rigin/Can’t Stop t-shirt and throwing in the Mixtape. They may even be offering a few on the side, who knows?

For The Next Lesson, we’re going back to the way we did this little cassette we called Radio Sole one time long ago, and well, like the brother says, the rest is history.

UPDATE: Fresh news: As part of a three-day focus on Can’t Stop Won’t Stop next week, Hard Knock Radio will be featuring a whole day on the Mixtape. They’ll be playing large excerpts of it on the last day of the series, February 18. For all the specifics, including webcast info, check the Dates page!

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One Response to “How To Cop The Quannum/CSWS Mixtape”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m thrilled to see that you added a Chicago date on this tour. Any hope that the mixtape supply will hold out until March 2?


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