Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

Hot Words

OK yall, I gotta give it up to Felicia Pride’s The BackList. It’s a great website on the Black literary life I came across while searching for something else. It’s smart, hip, and completely engaging. It makes me fret anew that there really is no print magazine out there that doesn’t just insult the intelligence of us hip-hop-grown thirtysomethings. (And, believe me, some of us have been working on changing that situation for a minute…)

Anyway, here’s the proof:

+a great interview with Gwendolyn Pough and our MAN, Mark Anthony Neal,

+short features on Kenji Jasper, Carl Hancock Rux, and Black Artemis, all of whom I’m big fans of.

+scroll back issues for an interview with Chris Jackson, Crown’s storied editor.

Top notch stuff, definitely check it.

Bonus unrelated goods: this week’s Bay Guardian review section.

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