Sunday, August 28th, 2005

Hip-Hop Week on NPR’s Fresh Air

Here’s the promo copy for Monday’s show on Hip-Hop Week on Fresh Air. I’m told that they will be deciding day-to-day on the content, so I’ll post as I hear about it:

On the next Fresh Air, GRANDMASTER FLASH and DJ KOOL HERC bring on the funk and tell tales about the old school as we kick off our end of the summer Hip Hop Week –featuring some of the greatest names in rap, including Will Smith, Queen Latifah, the RZA and LL Cool J. Join Terry Gross for the next Fresh Air.

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One Response to “Hip-Hop Week on NPR’s Fresh Air”

  1. Roque says:

    Will Smith has finally been recognized as one of the greatest names in rap. The question is: for how long will rap remain under his long shadow? My guess is at least two decades.

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