Sunday, July 25th, 2004

Here We Go!

And let the protests begin.

I wish I was out there in Boston with yall, but I had to be realistic. Truthfully, covering the 2000 protest season almost killed me, literally. I ended up in the hospital after the Republican Convention, and nobody wanted to let me go to L.A. I did, and it was great, but I’m older now with more adult responsibilities, so I’ma live vicariously through yall. At least for the Dem Convention.

In the meantime, the run-up has been hilarious and chilling, at the same time. Thursday CNN breathlessly reported that the latest security threat was an alleged band of “domestic anarchists” who were set on blowing up downtown Boston. Anyone remember the New York 21? Same plotline. These wag-dogging narratives all seem to come out of a standard-issue handbook, they’re used so often.

Here is indymedia’s report on the on-the-ground surveillance that precedes any protest season, and another on the free-speech zone set up to specifically to contain that protest.

More info on today’s protests as they stream in…

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