Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Great Reads

Back on the road, so let me leave you with some of my should-be-working-but-the-Internet-is-just-there type stuff. This will be an expanding thread.

+ Barry Bonds now has to deal with The Shadows, an apparently definitive account of his steroid use by the two San Francisco Chronicle writers who broke the story last year.

+ Dream Hampton on Octavia Butler. How great is this? Both writers seriously undersung and misunderstood in their fields.

+ Why Dook sucks. Just picked up Blythe’s book and can’t wait to break it open. 3/8 UPDATE: Broke it open and it’s just as good as the article. Fantastic book.

+ Me and Brian Coleman have a psuedo-intellectual menage a trois with Carly Carioli of the Boston Phoenix. Warning: hip-hop journalism geek porn.

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