Thursday, August 19th, 2004

Government’s Code Orange Strategy UPDATE

Today’s AP story is headline at CNN:

“The FBI anticipates violent protests at the upcoming Republican National Convention in New York but does not have enough evidence to move against any group or person, the bureau’s top terrorism official said Wednesday.”

and this…

“Concern over the convention comes amid heightened security across New York over fears that foreign terrorists might strike the city again. New York remains on a ‘high’ terrorism alert level, while most of the country is on elevated alert.

Federal investigators have infiltrated some organizations and are monitoring plans for protests being published on the Internet. The FBI also interviewed some protesters around the country before last month’s Democratic convention in Boston and in anticipation of the GOP convention.

‘We don’t have any specific plot where we have all the variables we need to go out and take pre-emptive and judicial action,’ said Gary Bald, assistant director of the FBI’s counterterrorism division.”

Note that this spin-recontrol press conference came two days after the NY Times published its front-page story on FBI monitoring of protesters, which have already called pre-emptive. In any case, now the government”s Code Orange strategy is out there in the open: again, link the anti-war movement to Al-Qaeda, create a domestic-to-global-terror continuum that just doesn’t exist.

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