Sunday, October 16th, 2005

Go Sox–White Sox, That Is!

Goodbye Vlad and Shrek and K-Rod and your stupid-ass thunder sticks.

Blez at Athletics Nation explains why most of the East Bay is rooting for the White Sox:

The following teams have been eliminated this postseason, and their payroll follows.

The Yankees – $208.3 million
The Red Sox – $123.5 million
The Angels – $97.7 million
The Braves – $86.4 million

(Source: USA Today Salary Database)

And if the Cardinals follow suit, they have a $92.1 million total in 2005 salaries. Those are five of the top 10 teams in total payroll in the majors. The Yankees and Red Sox being 1-2 and the Angels being fourth.

What does this say? A huge payroll may buy you a look at the playoffs, but it doesn’t guarantee you anything.

And I know a lot of you have said that a huge payroll doesn’t bother you, but I like to root for underdogs and any team with $22 million less in total salary is a team I’m going to cheer for.

Plus Jermaine Dye was a well-liked A and is from Vacaville.

I predict the Red Sux have massive player churn at the end of this year and don’t return to the playoffs. Same with A-Fraud and the Yankees. And I will love every second of it. That’s not hate, that’s underdog love!

You heard it here first…

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