Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Free Band Names! :: The California Budget Disaster Edition

How funky is your budget compromise? How loose is your accounting?

Instead of killing myself over how f-ed up this Cali budget “compromise” is going to be for me and most everyone I care about, I figured I’d devote my energy to coming up with something everyone really needs: a list of band names inspired by this disaster.

Because who knows better than The Big 5 that this is as good a time as any to start a band or a crew?

So here we go. Free. Just shout us out when you blow up on Myspace. And please add more. The budget you save may be your own.

The Worthless Bonds
The Mandatory Furloughs
The I-O-Meez
The No Solution
The Terminated
Proposition Xed
Eff The Children
Cancel My Future
Long Summer Shortfall
I Moved To California And All I Got Was This Lousy Prison
Corrections Killed The Biology Star
And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of The Idiots…
Cut Me Asshole
Fire Me Asshole
Pay Me Asshole
The Simple Majority
Masterrace Supermajority
Two-Thirds Of Death
The Oily Severants
Santa Barbara Oil Slick
Roll Over Pat Brown
The Michael Jackson Stimulus
The Gray Davis Revival

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3 Responses to “Free Band Names! :: The California Budget Disaster Edition”

  1. Imprezy says:

    Thank for sharing. Cool blog 🙂

  2. ronald says:

    I “too” would like to add to the “Free Band Names” category.

    I would like to change Cancel My Future to the following:

    “F” the Future
    The Future is not reserved for us!
    Got Future?
    Hate on the Future.

    Oh and I’ve been out of the loop for sometime now. Can you remind me who the “Big 5” are?

  3. kristia says:

    i think you forgot, “fuck you pay me”

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