Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Foreign Policy :: It’s A Hip-Hop World

Graf in China…

NOTE :: I’m reposting this as all the links are now active. Got more pieces in the clip to unload on you in the coming weeks! Enjoy…

ORIGINAL POST (10/24) :: I know I’ve been out of the mix for a minute. Mainly I’ve been writing like crazy over the past few months–on a number of pieces, some of which I’ve been pitching for years–and so now the universe is starting to bear fruit.

Here’s the first, an article for Foreign Policy on the globalization of hip-hop and some of its implications.

BONUS BEATS (10/30) :: Here are more links from the good people at FP…

+ A sidebar by the great S. Craig Watkins.

+ A Q+A with Dana Burton, hip-hop artist/promoter in China.

+ Video from China’s Iron Mic contest.

There was much much more stuff that we unfortunately had to lose in the edit, especially about the history of hip-hop in Brasil. I may post that here shortly. In the meantime, I’m back on the road for the final run of the year. Hit me here with any thoughts you might have…

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4 Responses to “Foreign Policy :: It’s A Hip-Hop World”

  1. M.Oregon says:

    just so you know:
    hiphop4china dot com is where it takes place.

  2. M.Oregon says:

    and a p.s. to that Dana Burton Q&A:
    Dude is NOT the hip-hop godfather of anything or anywhere.

  3. b. cheng says:

    any chance full text can be provided for those in China now who can’t get FP?

  4. Zentronix says:

    m.oregon, hey is hiphop4china.com down? can’t get into yintsang.com or shiftcn.com

    b.cheng, didn’t realize that they had closed off access already. email me offlist…

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