Sunday, October 24th, 2004

Down South Trip: Final Details

For all yall in the Southland, here ya go.

+ Monday October 25

UC Santa Barbara Multicultural Center, 7pm-9pm

(map is here)

“Activote!” Panel with the brilliant Malia Lazu and the great Hatem Bazian.

+ Tuesday October 26

UCLA, Student Activities Center basement, 5pm-7pm

(map is here)

“Elections and the Hip-Hop Generation” panel with the genius Saul Williams.

See yall there…

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3 Responses to “Down South Trip: Final Details”

  1. ronnie brown says:


    your UCLA date comes too quick for my calendar…been workin’ long hours…haveta catch you next time. Hope the panel provides some highlights that are blog worthy…

  2. Jeff says:

    all good, ronnie. i’m back for readings and something at the santa monica museum–actually this exhibition on the aesthetic connections between asian americans and african americans called “black belt”, lots of bruce lee and jim kelly and interesting stuff–in february. definitely let’s catch up then…

  3. ronnie brown says:

    no doubt…lookin’ forward to it. i was hoping to engage ya boy Oliver Wang on the blog; perhaps he had a pressing engagement…maybe next time! 🙂

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