Thursday, September 8th, 2005

DJ Kool Herc In The Yay…

DJ Kool Herc and Cindy Campbell came through this past weekend to receive the American Book Award with me. It was a great time! Herc also shocked San Francisco Friday night deep into Saturday morning–with folks like Q-Bert, D-Sharp, and Davey D in the house for the celebration.

It was wild, yall…Big shout out to Jonathan McDonald, the Giant Peach, Lydia from Quannum, and everyone who came out. Did anyone catch Herc last night in Honolulu? If so, hit us up on the comments board…

Herc got to do a number of interviews with some of the best hip-hop gen journalists in the Yay. Here are the interviews Kim Chun and Marian Liu did.

Much more to come. Photos also down the line–after a tour of duty back to the east coast and some work coming up next week with the Hard Knock Radio and Third World Majority crew reporting on what’s going on in the Gulf Coast region.

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