Friday, November 12th, 2004

Dis One’s Fo’ Gabby

Ever wonder why Iz says at the beginning of that song, “OK, dis one’s fo’ Gabby…”? Well, start here:

OK so yeah my subtitle says ‘dubwise’ and ‘hiphopcentric’, but when I’m in the mood for comfort food, it’s all about Hawaiian music. (And yes, Joni Mitchell—original hip-hop diva.)

It’s been one of those cursed years–interesting, eventful, exhausting. I’ve got to go home and get a big plate of beef stew, break some English (as the one called Lyrics Born asked me after a vacation to the islands–‘What language do you guys speak over there?’), and listen to some ki ho’alu.

It all starts with Gabby. Philip ‘Gabby’ Pahinui was the father of modern Hawaiian music, a master of the slack-key (ki ho’alu) guitar, and every Local’s hard-drinking, hard-living father figure. Folks called him ‘Pops’.”

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2 Responses to “Dis One’s Fo’ Gabby”

  1. capski says:

    man, you beat me to it. i was gonna post gabby on my blog too. (although, for sentimental reasons…my grandparents ALWAYS sang it) i was gonna have “ku’u pua lei mokihana”. in any case, thanks for giving the spot to the greatness.

    i’ll never forget when, doing research, i read Gabby’s interview in Da Kine Sound. He talked about whenever he went to the mainland, he would lose more teeth. i feel like most everyone from hawaii goes through something like that, and we all need beef stew, mac salad, and lomi lomi salmon…or at least spam musubi and (in my portagee brethren) nana’s malasadas…
    christ, im getting a bit over the top..just missing hawaii a bit.

  2. Jeff says:

    Eh bruddah, who says you cannot? Go chance um!

    Another thought: why do we Locals love food so much?

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