Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Danyel Smith on The Source

From the woman who wrote in 1999, “‘Hip-hop writers are often accused of being ‘too close’ to the music, to the artists and to the scene. Hell yes, we’re close to it. We love this shit…Where else to be but close to the truth?”

6 years later, Danyel’s blog entry on The Source is really about what hip-hop journalism has become:

I’ve watched with a certain amount of sick glee every time The Source has stumbled for the last ten years. I have felt stomach-punched and nauseous most every time they’ve had a success. Over the last year or so, as The Source has been slowly imploding, I have noted it in my soul’s Human Tragedy column, and also in my column titled, Hip Hop Hooray. Old wars, old wounds, die hard.

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