Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

Dan Charnas on Blacks and Jews

Inspired by the non-starter Foxman vs. Russell bout over Farrakhan, Dan Charnas finally unloads on Blacks and Jews:

“Frankly, who the hell are the Jewish leaders of today to demand anything of Black folks? In the last 30 years, has the Jewish community thrown its weight behind any issue of real meaning to Black people?”

Peep the parallels and differences to the convo below on Blacks, Asians and Latinos…

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2 Responses to “Dan Charnas on Blacks and Jews”

  1. ronnie brown says:

    same game baby!…rather than repeat myself, just peep my post on Dan’s blog.

  2. The Bishop of Hip Hop says:

    I dropped a long rant on this a few weeks back…It lead to some great talks with both me and Dan, me and Adam and me and Joe Schloss….



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