Sunday, December 28th, 2003

Wow, Complaining Works


The virtues of Internet time. A month ago I was a ranter, now I’m officially in da club. I’ve won the quickest sell-out sweepstakes. What am I blathering about?

Here’s the email address to send your nominations for Da Capo’s best music writing of 2004:

You can send as links, Word or Acrobat Reader documents. Step up and rep dunnie. We’ll see what we get 12 months from now.

BTW here’s Jason Gross’s Favourite Scribings for 2003. Again, leans a little rockist and mainstream (no Murder Dog or Wax Poe nominees), but you don’t have to.

My final, done-on-ample-sleep, carefully considered, vetted, and lovingly edited but no less artery-busting rant will be out in the SF Bay Guardian soon come. Thank you SFJ for talking sense into a mad cow.

The NY Times critics best of 2003 lists hit today, and there’s also an entertaining convo on the music that sucked. Altho LB wasn’t listed–a big stunna, but I guess that’s just me and my navel prolly–the lists were worldly (as they usually are) and K even repped the diggers with a shout tothe Hollertronix mix cd.

BTW always feel free to holla if you’re an alienated (or even comfortably adjusted) working music journalist writing about non-rock, non-hip-hop, non-electronic genres, you know, bhangra, salsa, merengue, African, Latin, Arab, Cantopop, etc. Let’s make the link…

Undying Underdog Love to Cal and Hawai’i ballers for making me money this past week. (Timmy) Chang Power in 2004!

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