Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

BREAKING NEWS :: Robot In Iowa Heckles Bill Clinton Over Sister Souljah

During school hours, he’s a mild-mannered University of Iowa professor. But during the primary season, when he’s not grading papers he’s a Robot Seeking Truth and Racial Justice.

He’s Kembrew McLeod, and he’s in today’s Des Moines Register. (Here’s his manifesto.)

BTW: absolutely no truth to the rumors that the protest was organized by Cylons For Edwards.

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2 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS :: Robot In Iowa Heckles Bill Clinton Over Sister Souljah”

  1. Sugarbread says:

    That’s cool! Now that’s democracy in action. And I think he should apologize for NAFTA and welfare reform while he’s at it.

    Yet it goes without saying that compared to Bush, Clinton was like Clifford the Big Red Dog (my moral compass FYI).

    But was Sista Souljah really a member of Public Enemy?

  2. Sugarbread says:

    Also the Iowa Independent has more details:


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