Friday, April 15th, 2005 on Sharpton’s Townhall Last Weekend

An extensive commentary from that touches on many of the issues that have been swirling this past week:

Errol Louis, of the New York Daily News, stepped forward and asked Benzino to clarify his standing with The Source. Benzino stated that he had decided to resign because of the issues his beef with Eminem was causing for his magazine, and because Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine had allegedly threatened to use his influence to get Island Def Jam executive L.A. Reid fired from his position if Reid did not pull all of Island Def Jam’s advertising from The Source. After making this allegation, Benzino said that he had planned to resign, rather than let another Black executive get fired, but his staff and several community leaders convinced him to stay with The Source so that he could better further the cause.

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3 Responses to “ on Sharpton’s Townhall Last Weekend”

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for that link. there are so many things ridiculous about that meeting, I can’t even count. Here’s one thing, though: why didn’t someone ask Mtume about all the money he’s made from hip hop? The songs with “questionable” content, from artists (like Biggie, for example) who lived and died violently, and spoke about women in his lyrics, most of the time, like they they weren’t worth anything more than perhaps having a baby of his via a one-night-stand?

  2. The Bishop of Hip Hop says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaamn, thats a good question. I’m concerned about the whole thing from top to bottom. I mean, if whos “savin” Hip Hop, are no better morrally than those who are in it now- whats the diff? Ya’meeeeeen?


  3. snoopy says:

    Who will save hip hop? ME. I’m the saviour of Hip Hop like Muhammad ALi was the saviour of boxing.

    But Benzino has exposed that racist Jimmy Iovine. I hate that Hitler. That dude made too much money from Pac dying and is worth $500 million. That shit should go to Pac’s family. Who the fuck is that wigga to try and sack LA REID, who has done better music than that Jimmy Iovine. Some racist shit going on in music right now. Jimmy Iovine got too much power.

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