Friday, April 6th, 2007

Black President, Pt. 2 :: Obama vs. Chuck D?

Eric Arnold weighs in on a new discussion in hip-hop communities as a Draft Chuck D for President starts making a little bit of buzz. Could it be Chuck D vs. Obama, the prophet of rage vs. the $25 million man?:

“Barack Obama seems the only logical choice for hip-hop generationers in 2008. Though he doesn’t rhyme or namedrop rappers, the junior senator from Illinois has much in common with the hip-hop generation: At 45, he’s (relatively) young. He’s fresh. He’s charismatic. He represents a new way of thinking. Oh, by the way, he’s also black…

In a recent blog entry, radio personality Davey D skewered all the Democratic candidates, opining that “none of these clowns are making it happen.” His gripes revolved around the lack of critical dialogue on issues like Katrina, police brutality, immigration laws, and prison overcrowding — all of which could theoretically be addressed by Obama’s legislation to reduce profiling. Furthermore, until hip-hop can offer a consistent voting bloc, politicians will overlook its concerns. Plus, with a year and a half until the election, there’s plenty of time for dialogue. Davey’s suggestion? That hip-hoppers draft Public Enemy’s Chuck D instead…

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