Monday, January 7th, 2008

Bill Clinton :: Hillary Lost Iowa Because Of The Youth Vote

MTV News reported yesterday that Bill Clinton is blaming Hillary’s loss in Iowa on underestimating the youth vote.

Psssh. Par for the course for the old Dems. After young people–so-called Generation X–swept Clinton to the presidency in 1992, the Dems consistently ignored them and their issues for the next 3 elections, calling them “apathetic” and “cynical”. The drop in the youth vote after 1992 was a fact that played no small role in the rise of Newt Gingrich and the politics of the impeachment.

Here’s Bill’s quote. Amazing how he can still find ways to rationalize a youth vote away:

“I think historically young people have not voted in the Iowa caucus because they are from other states,” the former president told MTV News on Saturday night. “This time we had a lot of students who did come back and I think, frankly, thousands and and thousands of them were from Illinois and wanted to support Senator Obama, and they had a very aggressive outreach. And … we haven’t made that mistake here; we’ve reached out to young people here just as much as he has, and I think we just have to keep trying.”

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