Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

Behind the Beat

Home is where the vinyl is.

Been digging this great new book on headz’ home studios, Behind The Beat by Aussie hip-hop head Raphael Rashid. Not that the idea of an underground Cribz is new–you could peep B+’s shots of LA headz’ rooms in the early 90s in It’s Not About A Salary, and the Bedroom Rockers book last year was killer. It might help if you know what slobs these folks are on a personal basis, but you don’t have to. Anyway, it’s a well done book and revealing in a “Where’s the anti-bacterial soap, man?” kind of way.

You can order or here or here.

BTW a great week so far: Arnold lost–steroid big loss–and my man Phil is going to win. May the frightening reign of Phil begin!

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