Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Barry Area Forecast: Poor Visibility, Severe Overheating

What you think you see may not be what it really is

This billboard had folks hysterical over the weekend. Turns out it isn’t what we all thought it was. It’s just an ad campaign with uncanny timing.

Do I think Bonds did it? The evidence seems to pull hard in that direction. Do I think steroid usage should go unpunished? No. I’m not from the “Legalize It” camp. Do I think this is all about race? Yes I do.

Here’s Dave Zirin injecting some very welcome nuance and clarity into the Barry Bonds debate:

“Is [the Selig investigation] racially motivated? The question is too simplistic. The fact is that Bud Selig is deflecting criticism off the owners by putting the heat on the most prominent player in the game who happens to be Black. Whether this is conjured up in some back room or not is beside the point. MLB owners seem willing to sacrifice Bonds if it keeps Congress and the public off their backs.”

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One Response to “Barry Area Forecast: Poor Visibility, Severe Overheating”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I do not see African-American Hank Aaron standing up and saying Barry is being picked on because of his race. I think you need a little more evidence if ya wanna go with the Selig race theory.

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