Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

Alright Alright

OK, so we didn’t get our onfield justice. (Come back tonight, tho.) But it won’t end there. (Here’s Ratto’s take.)

For the record, I was at the game sitting a few sections from where a fan threw a cell phone at Carl Everett. Even though Everett’s a punk who started it by turning around and giving fans the finger, that was dead wrong. If the cell phone had been flung from higher up and faster, Everett could have been injured.

So nothing excuses tossing a chair–bar-room brawl style–into the stands. It’s pennant time, you’re mad that your team has been clobbered all year by the A’s and has just as miniscule chance of getting into the playoffs as it did the year before. People are talking shit, as they always will. Deal with it. It’s the game.

I hope Francisco gets the book hurled at him.

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