Monday, August 30th, 2004

Accounts of Protest Sunday

From Davey D’s coverage of yesterday’s events:

“Actress Rosario Dawson was shooting a film during the march. Her film company was given a permit to do their movie and use the protest as a backdrop, but the police didn’t like the fact that she wore a scarf which covered her face while the march was taking place. New York has some sort of law on the books that says you cannot shield your identity during protests. Dawson was arrested and jailed. A few minutes later the film’s director who attempted to show the police the permits was also arrested and jailed. By the time the evening news came on, Dawson was still in jail.

The other thing that took place was the Republicans who sent out a group of protestors who dressed like anarchists and carried signs called ‘ The signs had slogans like ‘Communists For Kerry’ and ‘Osama For Kerry’.

I interviewed these people who claimed they were trying to use satire. but instead they actually tried to pretend to be marchers and at one point encouraged people to storm the police.”

From the NY Times:

“A quarter of a million people made a commitment to a peaceful legal march,” said one of yesterday’s marchers, Ronald Kuby, the civil rights lawyer from New York who gave his own unofficial estimate of the crowd size. “They were the ones who kept the peace. They were the ones who were well behaved. So this notion that the police did a good job is true only to the extent that the demonstrators themselves had a powerful commitment to keep this demonstration peaceful and legal.”

From Democracy Now:

“Well, yesterday was a historic day. More than half a million people took to the streets of New York in a march organized by the nation’s largest anti-war organization, United for Peace and Justice. March organizers said the numbers far exceeded their expectations. In fact, it was so massive that the lead contingent had finished marching long before thousands of people could even move from the starting point at Union Square.”

Stuff that caught J-Schmoove’s eye. Plus this:

We ran into a small contingent of right-wing christian zealots with serious anger management issues, but they got more than they bargained for when confronted with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog(!!), who interrogated them on what exactly they think is wrong with sodomy. Triumph’s appearance soon inspired a rousing “Poop on Bush!” chant, and he also took a moment on 34th street to lead us in an “H&M makes shitty clothes!” side-protest.

A picture of ma peoples!

From Esther Kaplan for The Nation:

And then there were the signs. Lots of scatological ones involving the words “Bush” and “Dick,” some suggestively lettered in faux fur. Then “Peace is Bootylicious” in lavender sequins. “Stolen elections are so 2000,” bordered in blue feathers. And the haughty, “Goodbye, GOP. You’re not on the list!” I selected a tasteful one in black and hot pink that read, “Tax cuts are tacky, darling.”

Meanwhile, today is the Still We Rise march.


For news, updates, and everything on the week’s events in New York, scroll down or just click here.


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