Thursday, May 26th, 2005

A Long Bad Summer

Even the ever optimistic, die-hard Athletics fans like me are losing faith. But then again, it just gives us more reason to hate the Bosux.

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7 Responses to “A Long Bad Summer”

  1. FC says:

    Swept by the fricken Devil Rays today. How low can you go?!?! I sure hope this is the bottom.

  2. Jeff says:

    The only thing they can win these days is ESPN’s “Teammates”!

  3. Anonymous says:

    serious, i made to the game last week when they ripped the red sox. with much pleasure saw a few boston families leaving in the second inning. reminded me of the ’88 series when Bob Welch and the Hendi’s kicked the beans out of that team. it’s tough on Bill King, it’s tough on the fans this year. at some point someone’s got to start hitting. shit, what the hell is Beanesey paying these folks to do ? Walk all day ? go to the bay to breakers for that. it’s not time to jump ship quite yet, wait for the middle of summer, but right now, a few ballers need to start doing what they’re paid to do. like hit the ball. keep the faith.


  4. Sean says:

    It’s interesting right now because obviously their failure so far this year coincides with Huddie and Mulder’s departure, so all the crows on TV and expecially NYC radio are chirping about Billy Beane’s “genius” and the Moneyball phenomenon. Now their argument could be accepted in some fashion if everyone weren’t so wretchedly obnoxious about it.

    The pitching is obviously going to take some time to marinade. I’m curious to see if Beane sticks around for it.

  5. hua says:

    That is a great episode of Teammates. Even though we learn that Eric Byrnes’ favorite show is ‘Fox News.’

    The thing is, if the core lesson of ‘moneyball’ is to convert undervalued goods into commodities, then the team is straight. I mean, part of the reason for the trades was to stock the bullpen, then flip those guys at optimum value. The problem has less to do with ‘moneyball’ then with the fact that the A’s can’t hit. Chavez has disappeared, Crosby is still out and Kendall’s slump goes beyond the whole “NL/AL switch” thing – he’s just lost it. It’s pretty sad to watch … I mean half those guys on the A’s have no right being in the big leagues right now, and half of the remaining half have no right starting in the big leagues. I seriously feel for those guys.

  6. Jeff says:

    We went to the game last night against the Devil Rays and suffered through 8 innings of Blanton’s pitching and the hitting limbo. Then in the 9th they started behaving like the A’s of old–supporting Huston Street, who started off like Arthur Rhodes, got corrected by Kendall and Curt Young two walks in, then finished like the old Keith Foulke. Kotsay, Chavvy, and Kendall all came through in the clutch. When Kotsay hit the last to left center, he looked like nobody as much as Miguel Tejada, and then the whole team rushed the field like they had won the pennant. Good fireworks show after too, although they played “Footloose” and “Fame”. Anyway, for a night they looked like they might be back in it. No errors, great hitting, Bobby Crosby and Nick Swisher back in the lineup. Maybe we can make .500 this year after all.

  7. Jeff says:

    in mudville, joy there is! (sorry yall, on a yoda kick…)

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