Tuesday, September 28th, 2004

A Big Week Before A Big Month

Big week for hip-hop activism as folks get down for the home stretch of this campaign…not just because of the debates on Thursday, but because the grassroots hip-hop activist movement is swinging into action across the country.

First off, the championship and climax of Slam Bush goes off tomorrow, the day before the debates in Miami. The Roots are performing, and it should be bananas.

Also, three of the Local Organizing Committees from the National Hip-Hop Political Convention have coordinated a weekend of hip-hop summits to get people focused on the final month of the campaign.

Big things will be jumping off in San Jose with Tricia Rose and Adisa Banjoko, in Pittsburgh with Talib Kweli, and here in Oakland with dead Prez and Barbara Lee. If you’re in the area, definitely fall through.

And remember it’s not just about Bush and Kerry, it’s about a host of ballot initiatives that will change three strikes, put more money into schools, and much more, and about getting fresh progressive young blood into office.

At the very least, download some Kweli and Radiohead MP3s for regime change. See, I knew that would get your attention.

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