Thursday, June 10th, 2004

Oh I can’t let this go. Here’s a perfect example of Democrats on crack. That’s right, here’s the Democratic “Leadership Council” on Ronald Reagan:

“Despite his fervent anti-communism and unshakable belief in the unique mission of the United States, he remained faithful to the Cold War bipartisan tradition in foreign policy, and never abandoned America’s traditional alliances or the multilateral institutions created to advance them.”

Uh yeah, except when it came to his support for the apartheid regime in South Africa, whom Reagan once said was actively desegregating at the same time the country was under a State of Emergency that allowed it to murder and jail thousands of black activists.

“Despite his longstanding championship of a conservative domestic agenda, he was willing to compromise and adjust his policies to reflect real-life conditions, as shown by his decision to sign a liberal abortion law as governor of California, and to support tax hikes both as governor and as president.”

Uh yeah, except when it came to the tax cuts which bloated budget deficits to record highs and the steroided defense budget augmentations which further led to cuts in the social safety net that New Deal Democrats had championed.

“Despite his many years of service to the GOP, he never sought to demonize his political opponents, and never questioned their patriotism or sincerity.”

Oh, that’s right, forget about the L-word debates, or even his quiet campaign to rid the Screen Actors Guild of reds.

Moderates are so bad for my health.

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