Wednesday, April 14th, 2004

Gotdamn it’s all about Fantasia, I mean just the first phrase, with that drooping “eeea-sy” and you could see the afternoon sun slowing down the world.

Jennifer repped, just like I said she would. Latoya gets better every week. In like Jin.

George may be slipping.

I think Simon’s comments about age were targeted directly at Diana Digarmo, who sang the whole song sharp and is way outmatched.

They certainly didn’t suit Jasmine’s subtle performance (and fuck Tarantino with his “delicate powerhouse” stereotyping)–nobody gets her local steez (which accounts for the apparent obsession with the Cole family singers), just like they didn’t get Camille–but the comments did suit her choice of dress. Time to get out of the slippers and halter-top-fo’-go-cruise-Ala-Moana gear and start styling up, sistah.

The two Johns, whatever.

Prediction: Diana goes. But it should be one of the two Johns.

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