Tuesday, April 13th, 2004


Yeah it’s true. I spotted Will Hung on my flight back to Oakland last Friday. Got to speak to him. Gave him props. He said, “Thank you, a heh heh heh.” Didn’t mention my brother’s trademark infringement. Noticed he has a funny way of looking down when talking to guys and staring directly at the girls. Nonetheless the JetBlue flight was aflutter. Autographs and digital cameras, but thankfully no singing.

Of course, no one except the Asian Americans knew his name. Everyone else was like, “Hey there’s that guy.” “I was at my family reunion last week and we were just talking about that guy.” “You know that guy has a record out”, and “Boy that guy just goes to show you don’t need talent anymore, just publicity.”

As we got off the plane, MSNBC had his Today show appearance as their number one story on their daily news countdown, ahead of Iraq and Condi. And yet they still fly the dude back on Jetblue–where dude was stuck in seat 17E amidst the madding crowd.

Man, what does an Asian American guy have to do to get some respect around here!?!?!!?? Milk that cow, Will Hung, til she don’t milk no more. Ain’t Amerikkka grand.

So here’s Oliver’s sister’s take on Will. Hilarious.

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