Friday, February 29th, 2008

2G2K Circus :: Why Obama Will Take Texas

Viva the humble unpretentious dude who started in the streets of Chicago…

lo que importa es que votemos por obama
porque su lucha tambien es nuestra lucha
y hoy que tenemos la urgencia
para un cambio, vamos todos unidos
con nuestro con amigo

Thanks to KT for the link!

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One Response to “2G2K Circus :: Why Obama Will Take Texas”

  1. O.W. says:

    Among Texan primary voters, looks like Clinton still has the Latino vote on lock. Compared to CA, Obama gained a little ground among younger voters but higher %s of older Latino voters went to Hill.


    And on a totally unrelated story:K to the NYer? Interesting, no?

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