Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

2G2K Circus :: Turning Mothers (And Sons And Daughters) Out

The topic on the table is whether Dem enthusiasm in the primaries now means a lick. Here’s what Ferentz says. My reply::

I agree with you and yours that people just don’t feel Hillary like they do Barack, or even Edwards. Quite a few people I know very well get nigh hysterical about the prospect. (That’s no doubt part of why my knee has been jerking so hard against Obama this past week–it’s the protection reflex at work.)

But I lean towards thinking that will not be a problem for Dem enthusiasm in November.

To take but one demo, young people displayed mad enthusiasm in 2004, came out in huge numbers for Kerry, despite perhaps a general lack of feeling for dude in comparison to, say, Dean. I kinda think whomever the Dem nominee is, that trend will continue. If Hillary is the nominee, there will likely be a groundswell of feminist fundraising and GOTVing as well.

If Romney is the nominee, that might be an electric prod too. McCain and Huckabee generate much more buzz amongst independents and evangelicals respectively, (Reep voters under 30 are a rare breed, and have been rarer still in the primaries…) and their relative authenticity–setting aside their platforms for a second–makes either of them tougher opponents. But Romney seems like the perfect enemy for Dems to rally against: a double-talking, attack-dogging, vote-pandering, inauthentic, officious, 6-foot-2 square-jawed version of W.

Thing is, as of tonight, it looks like McCain may win.

Obama vs. McCain or Hillary vs. McCain. Do those contests sound exciting?

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