Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

2G2K Circus: Rudy Can Fail

Ferentz sets it off here. Here’s my reply:

So I’m with you and man, I can’t tell you how mad I am Rudy is half-stepping through all this. If there’s anyone who is sharkbait for folks like us the way Hillary is for the Reeps, it’s Rudy. Nobody would get a bloc of militantly skeptical hip-hop non-voters ready to rock like the prospect of nationalizing Giuliani Time for 4 years, after 8 of what we’ve just been through.

But anyway, put a fork in him.

What’s funny about politics is the way it twists a candidate up. As the Times notes today, Rudy is now campaigning as a Reep version of Obama Lite, decrying negativity, trolling for votes in multiculti neighborhoods, and hugging it up with Judith and everyone. (An anti-Romney move, though since Giuliani is so far behind in the polls, it doesn’t matter.)

It might be added that since he’s started late, his basically bicoastal campaign makes him seem like exactly the kind of stereotypical NY-CA liberal that most of the country loves to hate. So yeah, you’re right. He can’t have been serious. If he was, he might have used his bank to hire someone who actually had a clue.

On a different topic, The Times and some commenters here have noted that there’s a huge enthusiasm gap with the Reep race this year. Nevada alone turned out over 10x as many Dems to the caucuses this year as they did in 2004, and 3x as many as Reeps. How do you think this translates to the general election?

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