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2G2K Circus :: Debate Fatigue, Farrakhan, And Where’s The Plan?

After work out of town, flu bugs, cable news stuff, and other stuff, Two Guys, Two Keyboards And A Circus is back! Ferentz sets it off talking Hillary-Barack’s 20th debate last night:

Last night’s debate was fairly collegial and was essentially a draw. Obama is playing keep away these days and will not engage in anything unless it’s going to deliver the knockout punch to Clinton. Clinton, at least during the exchange on the question about Farrakhan appears ready to concede. She injected herself into that question in a peculiar way by rehashing how she was attacked by republicans in New York for allegedly supporting Palestine. There were a number of ways she could have entered that dialogue with the intent of harming Obama, but she did not and I think this represents a new tone in their debates.

They both actually seemed tired of these debates and it is becoming more evident that this process is wearing on both of them. Afterwards the pundits discussed the moderators’ inability to elicit any new answers from either candidates, but why would either Obama or Clinton say something substantial?

I agree that there is a sense of exhaustion to the debates.

But I think the Farrakhan exchange was really interesting. Farai Chideya actually played some of The Minister’s speech on her show today, and Debra Dickerson made the substantive point that this may be more about Farrakhan trying to move towards redemption than about Obama being painted into the nationalist corner, a la Jesse ’84 and ’88.

I think many of my friends sympathetic to Minister Farrakhan were probably appalled last night at the exchange, and I can’t say I’d blame them. But I thought Barack’s point about rebuilding Black-Jewish relations was really refreshing to hear. When’s the last time a presidential candidate was, uh, candid about issues like that? Oh yeah, never. The ease with which Obama brushed off the exchange with Russert over Farrakhan and Reverend Jeremiah Wright indicates how much things have changed since the 80s.

Or have they?

Judging by Bill Cunningham’s performance the other day, we’ll be getting lots more of this on right-wing radio this summer and fall if Obama is the nominee. Those fools are all too eager to refight the culture wars even if Obama is running like Gnarls Barkley from that era in his life.

I’ve made this point before: he should just put them to rest–embrace his activist days and talk about how the nation and world are all the better because students fought against apartheid and for diversity.

You asked:

One last point for now, is it me, or has health-care become a democratic proxy for the economy? It’s amazing actually how much time Clinton and Obama spend referring to their health-care proposals, when in effect neither proposal can be launched if the economy is not somehow revived. Think about it this way, our current health care system all but means you need a job in order to have health coverage. If somewhere between 10 – 17,000 people a month are losing their jobs, fewer people are obviously going to have health coverage and the economy is not going to be able to afford to pay for them to be covered. Regardless of how much money we shift from spending on Iraq or how quickly we bring the troops back, neither plan will work under our current economic conditions.

I actually think health care is about the only place Hillary can claim a philosophical difference, even if it’s mainly masks procedural differences. (And these are policy objections that scan as obscure to the average voter.) That, and foreign policy “hypotheticals” as she puts it, are what the campaign perceives to be her comparative advantages over Obama.

Trouble is, if the two candidates essentially look the same, voters will tend to vote their aspirations. This is why Hillary’s women are still so committed to her. But Barack, though, has been more, what did Biden say, “articulate” in making a broader aspirational call.

Your main point–“Does anyone think that either of the three remaining candidates can oversee a economic renaissance?”–goes to the heart of this. What really is the economic agenda here?

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