Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

2G2K Circus :: Bill The Mosquito + Is Obama Shook?

The question Monday night to Hillary was whether she felt Bill overshadowed her. Pssh. She’s got him under her thumb. Bill’s main role these past few weeks has been to be Hillary’s mosquito, all up in people’s ears–spreading half-truths and full lies, and generally keeping annoying fools.

It’s worked. Billary has gotten under Obama’s skin, and because of it, he’s lost composure and grace these past couple of days.

Today, the campaign announced “truth squads”, no doubt in part modeled after McCain’s strong grassroots attempts this year to tamp down the BS emanating from rival camps and general haters. Of course, he won last weekend.

But Obama’s “truth squads” look like McCain in South Carolina circa 2000. Indeed, Bill’s relentless hum is straight outta that dirty playbook. The problem for Obama is that they make him look desperate. His appeal has come from his ability to be above the scrum.

Reuters reports late today that Obama leads Clinton by double-digits. But…a huge caveat: it was a “rolling poll”, meaning most of the polling was done before the debate. Edwards picked up some points after the debate. Pollsters couldn’t confirm if the debate had hurt Clinton or Obama more.

Is Obama’s camp underplaying their candidate’s frontrunner status in South Carolina the way they overplayed his frontrunner status in New Hampshire? Or does Obama’s campaign know something about Monday night’s effects that they won’t let on? Are they shook?

I’m standing by my prediction: that Obama will lose SC. But knowing how I feel about Billary, I will be very happy to be wrong.

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One Response to “2G2K Circus :: Bill The Mosquito + Is Obama Shook?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    sorry jeff, u and your homie got it wrong. that was obamas best debate in my opinion.

    y u worrying about john edwards?

    hillary didnt come off good, u guys are too emotional. obama was great in my opinion, i dont know what the heck u want him to do while billary do their smear bs, should he sit by and take it like John Kerry did? nope. when he fights back, u say he sounds desperate, well, so what, get the truth out homie.

    i am dissapointed with a lot of liberal commentators. u seem to whine a lot. is like u build obama up to be this perfect person then when he dont perform to ur standards ( to be a combination of MLK/Malcolm/JFK)you get depressed and just suck all the energy out the room.

    saying he sucks as a debater? wtf is that crap? he was the most on point in that thing, unless u like Hillary’s cackling hyena whine, or John Edwards preachin to the dailkoslike looony lefty choir. gotta be pragmatic.

    u just seem mad that he gave regan a compliment, well i’ll be damned, he cant even say anything positive about anyone of the right because u militant lefties get ya panties in a twist. calm down.

    if u like dude so much, dont knock dude when he speaks up, ya sound like hillary after the debate talking about “barak is frustrated blah blah blah.”

    who knows who will win s carolina, i dont trust these polls after new hampshire, but that killjoy message something else.

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