Wednesday, July 24th, 2002

Rev. Al Sharpton told WLIB today he’s suing HBO for a $1 billion for libel and slander because of their airing of a FBI surveillance video from 1983 in which he was shown speaking to an FBI agent attempting to entrap him in a drug deal. Nothing ever came of the attempt back then–but it is interesting the tape has resurfaced in the wake of Sharpton’s visit to Los Angeles on the Donovan Jackson case.

Sharpton says the FBI is trying to derail his presidential campaign. That’s probably just spin control. He hadn’t formally declared or even publicly floated an exploration campaign. But HBO may be kicking itself in a year if Sharpton wins a settlement–he’ll have dough and juice to really try to make a run, then.

On another note, there’s an excellent interview with Al Sharpton in the latest issue of Transition, in which he says, among a lot of other thangs, “White leftists are the biggest hypocrites in America. White leftists and young hip-hoppers: both of them have been missing in action; both of them are full of criticism, but there’s very little participation. They fight everybody who’s fighting the system, but they never get around to fighting the system themselves.” Check it.

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