Sunday, December 2nd, 2007


Best fan sign all night!

Honestly for me, the crowd shots were just as great as the game the Warriors played. If you want a taste of the vibe, check Stephen Tsai’s blog.

Next stop: New Orleans to turn out the Bulldogs on Sashimi Day.

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3 Responses to “12-0!”

  1. Zentronix says:

    sorry casey, i meant to post the pic above last night, but fell asleep…

  2. Soccer Dad says:

    Am I a bit of a hater if I think being the champion of the WAC is like being the DMC champion of Winnemucca? If UH barely got by my beloved SJSU, what will happen in the Sugar Bowl?

  3. Zentronix says:

    Oh, the loyalties ripping you up huh TI? 😉

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